ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence #1: Last week, we had a zero issue to introduce us to the concept of Convergence. In that issue, Superman who was lost following the events of "Superman:Doomed" found himself on the planet of Brainiac and Talos. But, the planet also housed a number of cities that were homes of characters from the DC universe from years past that had ceased to exist. The purpose of the issue was to give us a taste of what was to come for the next 2 months. Now, we are finally in week one of the event, and DC chooses to give us instead the next issue of "Earth 2 Futures End"(which is pretty much what this issue amounted to). The heroes of Earth 2 land on the planet now ruled by Talos and much infighting takes place. We already know that Earth 2 has lost and Darkseid won that war. But, Talos seems lost as to how only a select number of characters had made it to the world as opposed to an entire city(like what had happened in the past).

He deems this to be the prophecy that was meant to happen, and a battle like the DC universe has never seen before is destined to begin. While this may seem contrived, the true purpose of this storyline has always been a way for fans to reflect on the past and to finally get a chance to say "goodbye" to the characters that existed prior to "The new 52". Some amazing art does help to move this story along, but as a whole, the story and pacing drags out. People who have not followed the Earth 2 storyline will be lost for half of this issue(before Talos even appears) while others might be frustrated that this issue seems more like an epilogue to that weekly series then a first issue of a new event series. Now, I am not ripping apart this series based on this issue, because the tie-ins that I read were almost all excellent. But, we have to ask what is the purpose of the event. Is it for the tie-ins or for the storyline? This issue does wet our appetite for what is to follow, but as a whole, the issue misses it's mark. Thus, I can only give this issue a 5 out of 10.


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