ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence Superman #1: We are about to enter a world that we have known all to well. The world of Lois and Clark. The world of Superman and his relationship to the women who captured his heart from the moment they first met. A world we lost due to the events of "Flashpoint",which spawned "The new 52", where these two have yet to fall in love. Dan Jurgans(of "death of superman" fame) gives us a story which shows that even in despair, Clark was able to find happiness with the woman that he loved. He gives us a story of 2 Gotham Cities. One that had ended due to the events of Flashpoint and is now inside of a dome, where all the superheroes have no powers and are forced to live their lives as normal men, and one Gotham City that lives in the world of "Flashpoint" where people have no trust and they expect the worst to happen at any given moment.

As the story begins, we learn that even with no powers, Clark can't give up his responsibility of being a hero. He knows that the costume does make the hero, and not the powers that come along with it. But, as the domes come down, he is forced to confront the reality that he must return back to being the hero that Earth knows, especially when confronted by the heroes of "Flashpoint". There is much emotion in this issue between the "Flashpoint Batman" as he starts to believe that Barry may have failed in his mission at the end of "Flashpoint". There is emotion between "project one" and his love of Lois, one of the people that he failed to protect during "Flashpoint".But, the true emotion happens when Clark and Lois learn that the world they had lived in was gone and this is all that is left. An exciting cliffhanger makes this one of the better Convergence crossovers of the week, and I give this excellent issue a rating of 9 out of 10.


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