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Did I love SPEED, hell yes! Do I still love SPEED?...HELL FREAKING YES!!! After watching this movie in the theater in '94, many times on VHS, and multiple times on cable recently, I come to realize that not only that this movie still good, if not awesome, it has held up very well. Now there are some classics that look old and no longer has that punch you remember, this is clearly not that movie. This movie, though a typical action and filled with cheesy one liners, it is still very enjoyable and better than some action movies today. Here are my reasons why I believe this is still a very good movie.

The music is great.

The instrumental music for SPEED was simply perfect. Great pursuit music, it struck the right tone in the more suspenseful moments of the film. It fit very well with the film and I could not picture any other music that could be better.

It looks great in HD.

Many older films benefits from high definition. But because of some filming quality, it could only go so far, and unfortunately some still look really dated. SPEED does not suffer from this, at all. This movie looks really clean and sharp, not sure what video cameras were being used, but they have subtracted the aging process of this movie probably by...21 years. Who cares how these actors look out of style, in HD, this movie is hot as hell!

The plot is simple, makes it easy to keep your focus is what is most important, suspense.

"There's a bomb on a bus, once it goes above 50, it is armed. Once it goes below 50, it explodes. What do you do? What do you do, Jack?" It's simplicity at its finest. This movie wasn't trying to wow you with story, it was character and situation driven. I remember being in the theater just completely engulfed into the movie. No heavy game changing twists or ridiculous shocks, there were more grounded elements that made sense. A complex storyline wouldn't have done this movie justice.

It is not heavy on CGI.

There are some elements where CGI is needed, but for the most part, this was a action movie that relied on practical effects and stunts. There is more CGI and the use of green screen more than ever in movies nowadays. Another reason to truly appreciate this film. You can watch this film and not be overwhelmed with special effects.

Very little gunfire, Explosions and a bus took the reins.

Another element to this movie was the lack of guns and the utilization of a few explosions and one bus, (two, if you count the bus that was blown to cinders). There were very few shots fired, and all but two were fired by the villain, and a passenger, the cops might as well been carrying rubber guns because they were not needed to carry the movie. And the shots fired were felt, they were loud and in one case fatal and almost fatal, kind of. Ask Harry.

The Stars are still relevant today.

This wasn't heavy on major stars, but it was cast perfectly. If they weren't stars then, they became mega stars in this movie. Protagonist Keanu Reeves (Jack) and Jeff Daniels (Harry), with Sandra Bullock as the bus driver (Honk, Honk!) & antagonist Dennis Hopper which was a acting legend (RIP). Three of these actors have had very active acting careers as I am writing this.

This may have not launched Jeff Daniel's career like the others, but it sure as hell didn't hurt it. He is currently in the third installment of the Divergent series.

Sandra Bullock definitely reaped the benefits of this blockbuster, and she didn't waist it. She was in hits like A Time to Kill, Crash, and Blind Side.

Keanu Reeves also has kept busy over the years, especially recently, if you haven't seen it and you love action... you have to watch John Wick. Amazing film! But before that, many moons ago, he did a little movie trilogy called The Matrix.

Dennis Hopper just was great.

What a great actor Dennis Hopper was, he would be still acting today if he was still alive today. Talk about a bad guy that was a heartless, greedy jerk. Dennis Hopper played the funny A typical bad guy but he was so enjoyable to watch play this role with cheesy perfection. What was great about his role in the movie is that the protagonist and antagonist, though had conversations throughout, they only encountered each other only twice.

In summary...

This movie is a ton of fun and is going to last throughout the ages. It probably didn't expect this much longevity of popularity, but when it comes to movie fans, we have the power to keep movies relevant and immortal. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you do. If you have and you haven't seen it in a long time, re-watch it, it still has it. There are no other movies out there like it... if there was, it is not as good or it is a really bad sequel...... Well I am not ending this post like this. If you put this movie in a time capsule, and we have a Mad Max post apocalypse, one blu ray player is remaining, you stumble upon the time capsule with this movie inside. Given that there is some electricity (hopefully), apocalypse has just gotten more enjoyable.... and you might want to look for a bus. SPEED is a killer movie. May it keep dazzling up and never lose SPEED. See what I did there?


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