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Deathlok's Return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tuesday night

Mike Peterson has a bit of an upgrade courtesy of his friend and boss, Phil Coulson. Apparently, Coulson has known where Deathlok has been hanging and called on him when he needed some help with "Real S.H.I.E.L.D." boss, Robert Gonzales' troops.

Mike has some new toys!
Mike has some new toys!

It only took him a couple of minutes to download all the information he needed to be able to fly one of those QuinJets S.H.I.E.L.D. uses. Now, "Old S.H.I.E.L.D.", in the form ouf Coulson, Hunter and Deathlok, are on their way to free Fitz, Simmons and May before they begin the search to find out where Skye was taken.

"Real S.H.I.E.L.D.", for its part, has retreated back to their ship, the aircraft carrier Iliad. Coulson and crew will have to go onto his turf to get May and Simmons - Fitz has left the group and has abducted the toolbox Fury gave to Coulson and is attempting to return it to his Director. Hopefully, he doesn't get ambushed along the way.

Skye Now Has Help Learning Her Powers

Gordon took her to a "way station" somewhere high in the mountains of China (Tibet? Hunan?) where new Inhumans are housed while they come to grips with their new abilities (and, often, drastically changed looks).

Lincoln Campbell is assessing Skye
Lincoln Campbell is assessing Skye

Gordon, per the story, is the only means of entry or departure for the way station occupants. So, he is kept pretty busy moving people about and popping over to Chicago to bring in pizza on pizza night.

Deep Dish.

So, Skye needs someone who is going to be around - someone who has gone through their own transition and can help Skye to adapt. He also should have a medical background so he can check her physically to insure her body is adapting to its new circumstance.

So, Gordon hands her off to Lincoln Campbell - a recent graduate of the Terrigenesis Process - and, a medical student from Cincinnati - to assess Skye to determine who would be best to assist her in her transition. Lincoln's abilities are electricity manipulation & electrokinesis. His ability allows him to manipulate the electrical energy in molecules allowing him to superheat objects or to reduce the effect of gravity on objects (and people).

Controls the electrical forces between molecules
Controls the electrical forces between molecules

This could be a very potent character.

And, Lincoln, upon hearing Skye's gloves were created by her friend, informed Skye that she had "graduated from" being a human. She's more than that, now.

Mom is Alive

I had surmised a couple of times that Skye's mother, being an Inhuman and, possibly, possessing a highly enhanced healing factor, that Jiaying might still be alive. And, it appears I was right!

Skye caught a flicker of a hint from Lincoln that there was someone else at Lai Shi, the way station. And, that someone else was Raina.

She flew out of her quarters and down the trail to another hut that Lincoln had said hadn't been used "in a while". Bursting in the door, Skye encounters the dejected and depressed Raina. She immediately attacks the disfigured former enemy with her power, but Lincoln attempts to stop her.

Skye wants Raina dead... Mom wants to  protect both
Skye wants Raina dead... Mom wants to protect both

Then, Jiaying burst into the door and stopped the bickering altogether. She also offered to be the transition coach for Skye - if she'll have her. And, if Skye will subject herself to the restrictions imposed and not hurt anyone - including Raina.

Raina is still wallowing in self-pity. The Inhumans still don't even know what is her power - she just sulks in the dark of her room all day - every day.

We still don't know what is Jiaying's power, but we can guess it has something to do with empathy or some form of gaining the trust of her charges. And, she is sporting some pretty wicked scarring from her encounter with Daniel Whitehall when he completely dissected her taking her organs, blood and other juices into his body to regain his youth.

Dad is Here, Too!

Jiaying, with Gordon's assistance, then went to look in on Cal.

When Gordon had initially looked in on Cal, Cal's hands are bloodily wrapped in rags and he is exhausted from punching walls, floors and any other surface that he might breach to escape.

Can't hit what you can't touch...
Can't hit what you can't touch...

And, his humorous, physical attempt to bludgeon Gordon ended up ... not very successful. Olé!

And, Jaiying seems to genuinely care for her "husband". But, she can't take him to Skye. And, that is totally unacceptable to him.

But, she doesn't fear him. And, he isn't angry with her. He is angry with Gordon.

What's in a Name?

We still don't know what is the family name for the trio. That has never been stated in the series. We do know Dad is a doctor and his first name is "Cal". Mom is an Inhuman named "Jiaying". And, Skye's real given name is "Daisy".

Calvin Zabo?  Johnson?  Daisy Johnson?  Zabo?
Calvin Zabo? Johnson? Daisy Johnson? Zabo?

In the comics universe, Cal is Calvin Zabo, Jiaying was a prostitute and Daisy was their illigitimate offspring. However, in the series, Cal insists that he and Jiaying are married (and, her response to him in Episode 16: Afterlife does not appear to contradict this assertion). So, If Skye is Daisy Johnson, is Cal Dr. Calvin Johnson? Or, is she Daisy Zabo?

Stay tuned intrepid S.H.I.E.L.D.lings! Stay tuned!

The List

So, to date, superheroes appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so far include:

Undetermined Alignment
o Graviton / Dr. Franklyn Hall
o Blizzard / Donnie Gill
o Agent 33 / Kara Lynn Plalmas (currently brainwashed to be a villain)
o Agent Grant Ward (wavers between villain & hero)
o Vin-Tak of Kree
x Deceased Kree-in-a-bottle
x Scorch / Chan Ho Yin

o Quake / Daisy / Skye - controls the vibrational energy of any object
o Lincoln - electrictrical manipulation and electokinesis
o Gordon - teleportation
o Jiaying - unknown

Other (Good Guys)
o Deathlok / Mike Peterson
o Lady Sif of Aesgard
o Beserker / Professor Elliot Randolph
o The Cavalry / Melinda May
o Mockingbird / Bobbi Morse
o Director / Nick Fury
o Agent Maria Hill
o Director / Phil Coulson

Other (Villains)
o Lorelei of Aesgard
o unknown / Raina
o Mr. Hyde / Dr. Cal
o Angar the Screamer / David A. Angar
o ? / Karla Faye Gideon (knives on fingertips)
o ? / Francis Noche (enforcer)
o ? / Wendell Levi (hacker)
o Blackout / Marcus Daniels
o Absorbing Man / Carl 'Crusher' Creel
x Deathlok I / The Clairvoyant / John Garrett
? (Kraken?) / Daniel Whitehall / Werner Reinhardt
o Dr. List
o Wolfgang von Strucker

Otherwise, in the Episode

We find that Trip and Fitz have created one cool "Howling Commando Kit" that Coulson carries around with him. It has a stash of cash, but also has devices and resources that can help its bearer accomplish whatever task to which they might be working. It even has a deck of cards that serves as a holographic projector!

For Emergencies... do you play cards?
For Emergencies... do you play cards?

Deathlok now appears to be completely impervious to bullets and bludgeoning. He is pretty much invulnerable. And, he can take out a couple of squads of S.H.I.E.L.D. troops in a matter of seconds.

Deathlok's presence only further cements Gonzales' fears that Coulson is accumulating "supers" and will turn them loose on his team.

Inhuman Association with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gonzales asks Bobbi if Gordon is working for Coulson.

She confirms that even Coulson doesn't know who this person is. He just appears, takes whomever it is for which he has come, and vanishes in a puff of blue electricity.

Now you see me... poof!
Now you see me... poof!

This doesn't appear to assuage Gonzales in the least. He still suspects Coulson is building an army of "powered" people and he doesn't know their purpose.

In a remarkable twist of humor, Lance Hunter is shown a recording of Skye's exertion of power when she defended herself from Calderon (there just happened to be a camera lying in the rubble of her efforts) and is updated on what happened to Cal and Raina.

He protests that he's "only been gone a week!". And, all this has occurred.

In Lai Shi

Lincoln confides in Skye that she & Raina are the first in "thousands of years" (i.e. actual eons) to go through Terrigenisis "old school" - taking a Diviner into an ancient Kree temple and releasing the mists.

Everyone currently staying in Lai Shi (the residents refer to it as The Afterlife) are either preparing to undergo a Terrigenisis controlled by the Inhuman elders, have just undergone such a transformation or are being appraised to determine their worthiness to undergo the transition. Generally, only one person is selected to transition every few years. And, the elders make that selection.

Hanging out in Lai Shi - The Afterlife
Hanging out in Lai Shi - The Afterlife

So, Skye and Raina are somewhat rock stars to the inhabitants - kind of like Harry Potter in his series of books. No one had gone through Terrigenisis in that way in "thousands of years" - indicating how old their race is.

And, Skye and Raina are known outside the Inhuman community - this is not a good thing and they are in a panic that their existence might be exposed.

They still haven't used the term, Inhuman - other than Fitz briefly remarking on Raina to Simmons in an earlier episode.

And, Skye still doesn't know that Jiaying is her mother.

Gonzales Twists the Truth

On at least two occasions, Gonzales insisted that Skye attempted to kill his seven agents and that Agent Calderon is still not yet out of the woods.

Gonzales really... really wants into that toolbox
Gonzales really... really wants into that toolbox

On one occasion, Bobbi called him on it. Skye is an agent (not a monster as Gonzales referenced her) and was defending herself - and she didn't kill anyone, Calderon notwithstanding. And, Calderon had tried to kill Skye - against orders to use Icers rather than real bullets.

On the other, May challenged the issue as Gonzales attempted to pin the "murderous" event on Coulson. May defended Phil insisting he wasn't the one who gave Skye the powers - that one was on Hydra.

On yet another occasion, he attempts to entice May to turn in Coulson by offering her a position on his "Board" alluding to the fact she could be an effective voice in Coulson's favor once he is brought in. However, he tripped up a bit when he told May, "We would decide his fate".

May would be seriously out-voted.

I don't trust him. He uses phrasiology the way a Hydra Head would.

Next Week: Melinda!

All the shadowy references to Agent Melinda May's devastating incursion to investigate an "enhanced" individual in Manama, Bahrain, that left her with the nickname, "The Cavalry" are revealed and the light of exposition is finally shed on the event. We finally find out what happened between her and that "enhanced".

And, Skye gets to work with the woman who stopped her from killing Raina - the woman she doesn't yet know is her mother. And, with that training comes more background history on the Inhumans as a race.

Oh yeah... And, Coulson, Deathlok & Lance are on the hunt for the one man they think can help them find Skye - Grant Ward.


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