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With a title like Kill Me Three Times one should expect a Tarantino-esque escapade (that rolls off the tongue...) full of stylized violence. However, unlike a creation by a masterful director, Kill Me leaves the audience short of any investment in the future of its characters. The plot, essentially consisting of a messy conglomerate of people driven to murder by various means, is rather uninspiring and lacks a larger picture. Oddly enough, despite these disappointing attributes, the film manages to hold entertainment value. The reason why: Simon Pegg.

Though an increasingly expensive trip to the theater is hardly necessary for a film such as this, keep Pegg in your heart when the Redbox release approaches or perhaps do him the honor of being featured in your future night of lounging and Netflix. In fact, keep these points in mind before completely disregarding Kill Me:

1. It's something new for Simon.

While we know and love Pegg as an unsuspecting hero, constantly fighting evil under ridiculous cirumstances (i.e. Shawn of the Dead, The World's End, Star Trek), Kill Me allows for the actor to explore a slicker side to himself; embodying the hunter and not the hunted.

2. You root for him despite is despicable nature.

Yes, most of the characters' motivations in the film are egocentric and frustratingly impetuous, but Pegg's natural charisma leaves you secretly desiring for him to out-wit the good intentions of the film's protagonists: a quality of a good villain.

3. He is a quiet force to be reckoned with.

Well, it probably sheds light on the substance of the film when the character with the least physical screen time has the largest presence. Pegg manages to hold the audience even when he is simply lurking among the real action.

4. His comedic timing comes to the rescue.

The world of the film is that of absurdity, which doesn't always match the stylistic choices of the actors. In Pegg's case, he embraces the ludicrousness and seems to blend in with a humor that is both ironic and very physical-- a talent he has nearly mastered through his career.

5. The film would make for a great drinking game.

The kids should be steering clear of this bloodbath of a film to begin with, so why not add a little adult fun? Feel free to take a drink anytime someone kills impulsively, free from any concern for consequences....and make that a double whenever something is extraneously lit on fire.

Though he aided Kill Me Three Times in its hope to exist as worthwhile entertainment, I would love to see Pegg branch out in his dramatic endeavors and test the capabilities I know he possesses before he falls into Hollywood's monotonous trap.

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