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With rumors flying around from Latino Review that Jason Todd/Red Hood (who was Batman's second Robin) is a priority character for Warner Bros DC Cinematic Universe; one has to wonder if the Joker's back story has just been confirmed in the DC Cinematic Universe. This is interesting because in the comics the Joker even questions his own past in one of the most epic DC comics of all time; The Killing Joke.

Joker Prefers His Past To Be Multiple Choice

If you didn't try to google The Killing Joke DC comic after hearing that please check your pulse lol. If you are still alive please read the rest of my article and then google The Killing Joke immediately afterwards. The Killing Joke is a must read for any comic book fanboy; in my opinion of course. Oh heck check this out and come back quick Enjoy!

Moving you can see the Joker himself doesn't really know his past as he prefers multiple choice over a definite past. But what makes this interesting is one of the multiple choice answers to the Joker's past is a life were he was the Red Hood with the Batman contributing to him becoming the Joker.

How The Red Hood Became The Joker

Depending on what comic you are reading or animation you are watching the Red Hood either jumped in the toxic waste to escape being caught by the Batman or fell in as you saw above. But in every depiction of this particular past the results are the toxins permanently disfigured him, turning his hair green, his skin white and his lips red. His discovery of this change was too much for his already unbalanced mind to bear, and he toppled over the edge into utter insanity. The Red Hood was no more he didn't exist, as he dumped the mask and became the Batman's most iconic foe; the Joker. Until of course ironically the Joker unknowingly created the next Red Hood with the death of Jason Todd aka Robin.

Joker Unknowingly Creating His Predecessor

So the Joker kills Robin or at least he thought he did. Actually, almost everyone thought he was dead but with the help of Raz Ah Ghul's Lazarus pit, unbeknownst to Batman, Jason Todd aka Robin lives. However, Jason doesn't keep the name Robin but instead takes the name of his would be killer the Joker; well the name the Joker had prior to him diving into the toxins which was Red Hood. This new Red Hood was nothing like Robin. In fact, you could say he was the Anti-Batman with all the skills and goals of Batman but willing to accomplish his goals by any means necessary which includes killing. And one person on his hit list was the Joker.

Jokers Second Greatest Creation Next to Harley Quinn

Joker created Harley with mental abuse and created Red Hood with physical abuse. As you can see Jason Todd gives the Joker credit for becoming this version of the Red Hood. I personally really hope this rumor is true. I love this particular back story for the Joker. I know a lot of fans of Joker prefer him not having a back story as it adds more mystery to the character of the Joker. But this back story is directly responsible for Jason Todd becoming Red Hood who is a awesome character in the DC comic universe and a story I would love to see in a movie. Latino Review is 50/50% on these type of leaks so take it with a grain of salt. However, this is one rumor that we all should have our fingers and toes crossed for. Hopefully, we get a taste of the Red Hood in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) or [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363). Heck dump the solo Batman movie and give us a solo Red Hood movie!!! lol. But enough of me rambling about my wants and desires. Do you want Red Hood? Please vote and share your thoughts below.


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