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Well FNAF Fans GUESS what on April of 2015 WB announced that they had the rights to adapt the popular indie Horror game series into a movie the film will be produce by Roy Lee , Seth Grhame- Smith and David Katzenberg but no word for director or casting or if the film will be fully animated or live action Smith also confirmed that they are planing to work with the Creator of FNAF (Scott Cawthon ) to make the film looks quite exactly like the game . he also confirmed that the story of the game fits perfect for a movie .now keep in mind that this is a HORROR GAME !!! just because it has friendly singing animals dose not mean that the film will be for all audiences and could get a PG-13 or an R rating

for those of you who are not familiar with the story of the game it is a about a night guard who gets accepted in a "family" oriented pizza place like Chuck E Cheese with a very disturbing history. in one case a man in a Freddy Fazbear suit lured a group of five children into a back room and murdering them and were never found. later their souls were possessed inside the singing animatronics . the animatronics were no longer allowed to roam around the restaurant during the day due to the Bite of 87 when an animatronic named Foxy the Pirate fox who is located at pirate cove bit a girl frontal lobe and was later shut down as " out of order " ( if you know what I'm talking about) later parents started to notice that there was mucus and blood coming out of the animatronics after the event happened. the animatronic were set on a free roam mode around the night due to their servo being turned on for too long. and if they find a human they will not recognize them as a human they will see them as an endo-skeleton without its costume on and if they find anyone at night they stuffed them inside a freddy fazbear suit killing them in the process.



so whats your opinion on WB making a Fnaf movie


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