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Mockingjay part 1 was a book lovers dream but if you did read the book you also know that the second half will be even better. This spoiler free article should give you some idea of what to expect when November 20th rolls around.

PEETA: So we all saw the shocking (for some) ending to Mockingjay part one and are looking forward to what happens next. I assure you It won't disappoint! The shocked people from the movie however will try and do something about it. Will it work? How will Katniss handle it? These are questions I can not answer without spoiling but that will definitely make things interesting for the movie.

The Rebellion: The last movie showed the rebels making a stand against the districts and that was cool but we want more. Mockingjay part 2 is the last so I assure you There are no plot holes or unanswered questions to leave you in the dark or disappointed. And for those who felt like Mockingjay part 1 lacked action will love Mockingjay part 2. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Sad death: Its the end of the movie's and thats sad but an even sadder point is that someone is to die. Multiple people may die. This is no disney movie either so there are no magic comebacks. And I'm not just saying this, if they are to follow the books like director Francis Lawrence said they are then we are in for sadness..And not that this is anything to look forward to but it is a reason to watch them...for some..

The Ending: This has to end sometime unfortunately. It has been confirmed that there will be no spin offs or other movies by the director because he want's to keep it like the book. This doesn't bug me at all though because I would only like it if it were written by suzanne collins. But the good news is that I can tell you its a good if not somewhat realistic ending. But it's not a happily ever after..

Are you excited for the movie because I know I am. What is something you are looking forward to the most?


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