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Our two Spider-men. Our two Peter Parkers. Separate Worlds. Both had some pretty good moments. I'll give details from both Actors-Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. This is a battle to see who's a better Spiderman. I'm an Andrew Garfield fan, but I'm taking both sides in this. I'll evaluate items such as who had a better supporting cast, a better costume, who portrayed Peter Parker better, and who portrayed Spiderman better. You can vote for who you believe is a better Spiderman. And yes, I realize it's a battle of who's a better Spider-man, but Peter is Spiderman so it counts as a factor, and so does characters because they add to Peter's character and Spidey's. So let's get started. I'm excited.

Better Peter Parker

  • Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield portrayed a more modern age Peter Parker. He was more hipster than geek. Peter Parker is a science protege and characterized as a nerd and picked on. We saw Flash Thompson pick on Peter, but he wasn't the nerd Peter Parker is. Andrew's Peter Parker almost choose to be a loner, whereas Peter Parker in the comics was a loner because everyone saw him as a nerd. Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker was hard to sympathize with as well. He didn't pull in the audience to make us feel how he felt.

  • Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker was pretty spot on to the comic book counterpart. He was shy, a true nerd, was picked on by a lot of people, was a loner, a weakling. Tobey also brought an emotional feel to his Peter Parker that really made the audience feel a connection to the character. Everything he went through it felt like the audience was as well, which made for a more compelling story of Peter.

A Better Spiderman

  • Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield was a body type of an acrobat. He thin, fit, and tall. An acrobats figure is equivalent to Spider-Man's figure.

In addition, Spiderman is all about wise cracks and jokes-something Garfield got extremely right. His Spiderman also performed acrobatic moves straight out of a Spiderman comic. I guarantee he could probably dodge bullets(which he did). Although, Garfield's Peter Parker as well as Maguire's both designed their own costumes. In The Amazing Spiderman, Garfield's costume seemed a little unrealistic for a teenager to make. But in The Amazing Spiderman 2, his costume changed offered a much more realistic costume made by a teenager.

  • Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man's body figure seemed a little too buff. Almost like a football players or Captain America's. Spider-Man's got more of a thin, fit, small, acrobatic body(as stated above).

Although Ladies Go Nuts During This Scene
Although Ladies Go Nuts During This Scene

Maguire's Spiderman also wasn't as much a wise cracking hero. Spiderman is in [Deadpool](movie:38663)'s league on wise cracking. We got a few jokes but they almost felt forced, whereas Garfield's felt natural. Although, with Maguire's Peter Parker captivating the audience, we were distracted by his story and not as much Spiderman's. Maguire's movies were more Peter Parker's Journey, compared to Garfield's being more of Spider-Man's journey.

The Supporting Cast

  • Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 didn't have much power hitters as far as cast. There was Sally Field, Martin Sheen, and Emma Stone. All the others were people I had never heard of but came to love. Sally Field and Emma Stone brought most of the emotion to the movie.

  • Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire had a strong cast including J.K. Simmons, Willem Dafoe, Elizabeth Banks, Cliff Robertson, Alfred Molina, and Rosemary Harris. J.K. Simmons brought humor to the movie. Willem Dafoe brought the drama. Alfred Molina brought the forgiveness(a villian who helped save the city in the end). Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson brought the emotion to the movie as well as Tobey. I remember as a kid I cried the first time I watched it and Uncle Ben died. The audience was truly touched and felt for Peter and Aunt May. It had much more impact on the whole trilogy than his death in The Amazing Spiderman. Rosemary Harris even had some emotional moments with Peter than made the audience really feel and get involved in the movie.

Above is a picture of Andrew and Tobey morphed together. Makes a pretty good Peter Parker, doesn't it? To sum up, both actors were amazing. All the movies were different and good in their own way. There is no right choice, it's all a matter of opinion. But after some time has passed, these are a few arguements from both sides. I believe Tobey Maguire made for a more compelling Peter Parker, his movies had the stronger cast, and really captivated the audience, but Andrew Garfield's Spiderman was better. Soon there will be a new Spiderman to compare based on viewer opinions. I tried to take both sides and believe it's fairly equal. Although I believe Garfield's Spiderman was better, I think Maguire won this one. I love you Andrew but sometimes we can't win them all. This is open to your own interpretation and is all a matter of your opinion. The above is NOT my opinions of both, but I strongly agree, they are based on a series of answers from previous articles in this topic.


Who plays the best Spiderman/Peter Parker?


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