ByRenae Milsome, writer at

The Purge: Anarchy sure had a lot of people left with unanswered questions. For example, why didn't he end up murdering the man whom he had spent the whole movie chasing? And why did the movie not link to the first movie's set of characters? Where are they now? After a lot of thinking I planned out my own plot twist that the creators should have used in the film. From the first movie Rhys Wakefield (the kind intruder), is killed by Zoe before the movie concludes. The second film features a man who is searching to murder another man who killed his son. The two should have been linked. The man in the second movie should have been searching for Zoe, in order to seek revenge for murdering his son (the intruder), for participating in the purge. Both films were absolutely magical overall, filled with gore and murder. Great weapons were used and moments were definitely intensified. I believe if the two were more abruptly linked through the actual characters, the films would have left more of an impact on viewers. Also, there was no kind, twisted and creepy intruder in the second movie, as there was in the first. I like that the scenario was changed from a single house, to a whole city, however I feel there were too many characters to grasp hold of, when viewers already had hold of the remaining characters from the first movie, that could have easily been linked to the second. I was disappointed to not see them again, and not watch the plot twist I had envisioned.


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