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I love everything about superheroes they are sometimes an inspiration some persons see them as something only for children but they can teac
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It has recently been confirmed that Disney will continue on this formula of bringing "old stories" in a new style which is live-action movies they already have confirmed "Beauty and the Beast", "Mulan"and they have already released "Cinderella", and the succesfull "Maleficient".

The new movie of "Pinocchio" will be based in the original film from 1940 that was released by the same company; those are the only details we know so far from this new project from Disney, but we'll keep an eye on Disney and every new proyect they want to bring us.

The most recent live action movie from Disney was Cinderella starring Lily James and Richard Madden. Here is the trailer for those of you that haven't seen the movie yet.


Do you like the new formula Disney is using to resurrect old stories?


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