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Don't worry I'm not gonna spoil anything. I want to make this short and sweet.

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was intrigued. Seeing the film now, I live up to what I said. It's dangerously odd and it will make you scratch your head saying "did he just say that?" You will find yourself staying in the theater watching this film because it is so odd and good.

The cast of the film did a great job. Domhall Gleeson shows us a bright young man with many insecurities about himself. While Oscar Isaac's character shows us a sociopath. A man who doesn't really care about anyone but himself; living by himself, getting drunk by himself, it's all rather odd. Alicia Vikander plays the A.I. Ava beautifully. From her movement, to her dialogue, to simply her expressions, we are intrigued by Ava and we want to see more of her.

Now that's not to say the film doesn't have its flaws. In some parts the audience can fall asleep as the first half of the film is very slow. Also, some of the dialogue between the actors was awkward and it showed in the film. Maybe it was supposed to be that way?

But overall, it is a great movie. It feels like an indie film, with an indie budget, that managed to do great things with that budget. This film will leave you thinking between man's relationship with machine and even nature.

Ex Machina is now out in theaters.


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