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The full cast of Suicide Squad showed up to studio to do their read through and took an enthusiastic group photo.

The director, David Ayer, posted the picture on his Twitter, with the whole cast looking ecstatic. This picture is fantastic as it shows the whole cast on board to play such key and iconic characters in the DCCU. With the latest casting announcement of King Shark and Killer Croc, we only have more questions on what the plot of the film will be.

My only question is where is Jared Leto? I'm assuming he's doing a tour for his band 30 Seconds to Mars, but I'm not really sure. I believe his role will be minor, because he's never really been present in Suicide Squad comics. Perhaps Leto is still submersing in the role as the Joker. Who knows?

Hopefully each actor are going to play their roles serious and have the times of their lives doing so. I am extremely optimistic about this film and I love the stellar cast. Can't wait for this film to come out!

[Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) comes out in theaters August 5, 2016


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