ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence Speed Force #1: Prior to the return of Barry Allen, a certain man named Wally west was given the name of the Flash and the title of "fastest man alive". The speed force was alive in him, and he had a comic series that ran for years and was one of DC's highest selling comics for months. It had stellar writing by both Mark Waid and Geoff Johns for years on end. After a while, Wally had stepped down as the Flash to raise his two kids that he had with his wife Linda and Impulse took over(temporarily) followed by Barry Allen. But, like any good hero, he can't give that life away when danger calls. When the dome comes down over Gotham City, Wally goes out of his way to try and escape to return to his wife. At this point, nobody knows that there is nothing outside of the dome. The world they know is gone and the dome is all that remains. But, when Talus chooses to open the domes, Wally is faced with a decision. He must choose to help others and follow Talus's ultimatum or stay with his kids and make sure they are safe.

Being Wally, we know what decision he chooses to make. The moment he sees people in distress, he seeks to help(which is a nice touch on the character that was have seen and lived with for years on end). The moral of this story is family. The family that Wally had is gone replaced by his two kids. But, he must face down the Thanagors who are threatening not just his city, but also another city that he has chosen to protect. Since this is Convergence, we have other characters present, and in this issue we see the return of the cartoon characters Captain Carrot. But, that did bring this issue down a little as the seriousness of the issue took a downward spiral. Not one of the better tie-ins for the week, which is a shame. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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