ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence The Question #1: The question remained one of the most enigmatic figures in the DC universe for years. The identity constantly changed, but by the end of the DC universe(prior to "Flashpoint"), the costume had gone to a member of the Gotham PD Renee Montoya. As the dome came down, Renee had decided to stay as the Question even though her world was taken away from her. But, as any issue of Convergence has shown, relationships are still present, and the relationships in this issue take center stage. The relationship between Harvey Dent and Renee is seen as a relationship of trust and respect. The relationship between Two-face and the Question is seen as a relationship of resentment and anger. The relationship between the two sides of Two-face is seen as hatred and depression. The relationship between Harvey and his coin is seen as love and obsession. He must always look, even though under the dome, he knows exactly what the outcome will always be.

This issue also showed us the despair that is taking place under the dome by the inhabitants and the depression that is beginning to take place. But, of all the cities to be trapped in, Gotham City might be one of the worst. To live in that city would drive a normal person insane, and the notion of being trapped must be even worse.When the dome comes down, Harvey makes the ultimate decision in regards to his ordeal. Does he want to fight or does he want to give up? Should Renee even try and stop him? Those are the questions that will be answered next month of this series. As a whole, this issue and Superman were the two best tie-ins for Convergence this week, and I give this issue a 9 out of 10. Very emotional and exciting story.


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