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Convergence Nightwing and Oracle #1: ( must read "Speed Force" before this issue because of a small tie-in that happens in the issue). Prior to the New 52, one of the best relationships that existed in the DC universe was between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon(or the relationship between Nightwing and Oracle). We watched them grow up together, seen them in love, seen them alone, seen them back in love, and seen them cheating on one another. But, we waited and waited for years for the "question" to be asked by Dick. But, due to "Flashpoint" we were cheated out of that question. Now, we get to revisit that relationship and see how their lives have been since the dome came down. In the year under the dome, Dick still is fighting crime as Nightwing, but as seen in the opening pages of the issue, many criminals have given up on fighting. Mr. Freeze sums up the despair in Gotham City under the dome nicely and it shows just how lost the characters have become.

The pain of being under there has also effected Barbara to the point that when Dick finally asks the question that we have waited years to be asked, the answer is shocking, but not as shocking as the mindset of Barbara at this point.When the dome comes down, it's back to basics very quickly for the two, especially when a renegade Hawkman and Hawkgirl invade Gotham City and make them an offer to end the battle quickly. But, what they must give up might not be worth the victory. What makes this issue so good is the return of the Oracle that we remembered from the past. She was a very powerful, strong, intelligent, self-concious woman who was changed into a "teenybopper" in the new 52. We get to see her use all her strengths to her advantage in this issue and the ending quote by her just shows how much we miss that version of the character. Excellent writing by Gail Simone helps to give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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