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When Jesse Eisenberg was announced as the next Lex Luthor for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) fanboys across the globe screamed out in unison NOOOOOOO! As usual fans may have over reacted just a tad bit but most stood firm for their dislike of this particular casting for Lex Luthor. Then Zack Snyder leaked Jesse with a bald head as Lex Luthor in all of it's glory......

Superman is in trouble!!!!
Superman is in trouble!!!!

And despite making a few enemies after initially being casted; fanboys seem to change their tune now thinking Jesse was perfect for the role. We as fans are easy at times. All it took was a shaved head to win fans over. But I say we as fans should have never been concerned with Jesse going bald to begin with. I mean we knew that Jesse was going to have to shave his head for the role; so, the shock factor of actually seeing it should have been minimum. What should have been the selling point on Jessie was his acting ability. Looks like we will be getting a Lex straight from the comics that will be a savy, corrupt and manipulative businessman that can handle himself among the toughest of lawyers.

Businessman Lex Luthor

Great movie and this by far was the best scene in the movie. If I get this from Jesse as Lex then I'm good. Jesse showed some pretty good acting chops in Now You See Me that translates to a good Lex Luthor as well.

Smartest Person In The Room Lex Luthor

I really like the fact that Jesse seems like a natural at being a smart ass while at the same time seemingly being the smartest guy in the room which should translate into an great Lex Luthor for Batman vs Superman. Although we have had some great Lex Luthor's in movies and TV shows in the past I never truly felt that we got a Lex from the comics which has always been the best Lex in my opinion. I think Jesse will end up being the best Lex in a movie we have ever seen. But I'm curious to know how you feel. Do the performances from these 2 movies give you confidence that Jesse will give us a good Lex? Or were you totally sold after seeing Jesse bald?


Do these 2 movies Social Network and Now You See Me give you confidence that Jesse will be a great Lex Luthor?


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