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#1 Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive sheep in an alternate reality. He was given the name "Sheep-Boy"... Na na na na, baa! Sheep-Boy!

#2 Did you know there's more than one color of kryptonite? The pink one gives Superman gay tendencies. Fabulouuuusss!

#3 Nicholas Cage's real name is "Nicolas Kim Coppola." Nicholas used Marvel, superhero Luke Cage's last name as a stage name.

#4 Before Eddie Brock, writer David Michelinie created a female character to become Venom, and let me tell you something! Her story for hating Spider-Man was far more interesting and justifiable. Unfortunately, Michelinie's boss thought, "readers would never see a woman as a realistic physical threat to Spider-Man." The idea was thrown in the trash and replaced by Eddie Brock.

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#5 Marvel's badass Canadian superhero Wolverine was going to be originally called the "Badger."

#6 Most people know that the methods of Professor X are based on the great Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr... Did you know Charles Xavier's physical appearance is based on actor Yul Brynner though?

#7 Ever wondered where comic book character John Constantine got his magical looks from? You can thank musician Sting for that. Do you see the resemblance?

#8 The creation of Iron Man was all based on a dare (challenge) by Stan Lee's publisher Martin Goodman saying create a superhero that's a “wealthy capitalist war profiteer.”

#9 Black Panther is the first black superhero created in mainstream comics. The inspirations for the character were the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Panther Party. T'Challa is one of the eight smartest people in the Marvel Universe.

#10 Namor, the Sub-Mariner is the first superhero ever to fly. Take that, Superman!

#11 Cyclops does NOT have heat vision. It's actually a concussive force that happens to light material on fire if hit repeatedly or long enough in the same spot. The heat is created through friction.


#12 Hugh Jackman isn't the first Australian to be Wolverine. In Pryde of the X-Men Wolverine was accidentally dubbed with an Australian accent, crikey!

Start the video at 0:36:

#13 So, this happened in comics...

#14 Oops! In The Amazing Spider-Man #3, Doc Ock mistakenly calls Spider-Man "Super-Man." You know the alien guy with the cape that can fly?

#15 He's happy, right? Words mean such different things now.

#16 The Big Blue Boy Scout originally started out as a villain and an asshole...

#17 Did I mention he's an asshole?

#18 Daredevil was caught sexually harassing Black Widow. Wait, I thought he was blind?

#19 The triangular shape of Captain America's shield was changed circular because a superhero by the of "The Shield" already had the shield before him.

#20 The looks of the Joker were based on a 1928 silent film called The Man Who Laughs. The Joker was supposed to die in the first issue.

#21 Michael Jackson almost bought the rights to Marvel. He wanted to play Spider-Man, and Professor Xavier in the first X-Men movie.

#22 Alan Scott's (the original Green Lantern) weakness is wood, not yellow. There's a joke somewhere, but I'll keep my mouth shut.

#23 Wonder Woman is rendered helpless when a man binds her bracelets together.

#24 In New Avengers #8 Luke Cage is dressed exactly like Marcellus Wallace from the movie Pulp Fiction.

#25 Doctor Doom was Santa Claus or "Santa Doom" when the real Santa was injured in Latveria.

#26 Marlon Brando would refuse to read or remember certain lines. In the movie Superman Brando read cue cards on baby Kal-El's diaper.

#27 "I already did." When George Clooney was asked if he would ever play a gay character? He answered that he already did as Batman.

#28 The Incredible Hulk was originally grey.

#29 Natalia "Black Widow" Romanova is almost 70 years old! Due to the super-soldier serum she is able to keep her young looks. Scarlett Johansson is pretty much a hot senior citizen... Nice.

#30 The death of Jason Todd was rigged. Readers were able to call a special telephone number to vote for Jason Todd to live or die. Years later it was revealed that a man programmed his computer to dial the "Death Number" every couple of minutes.


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