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This week I experienced the pleasure of watching a movie that included everything I could ever love about film. This movie had love, drugs, power, unity, beauty and chaos that I have not experienced from a film since Across the Universe (don't judge me, it introduced me properly to the Beatles). This movie is called Desert Dancer, starring Reece Ritchie as real life illegal Irani refugee, Ashfin Ghaffarian. He took on Irani tyranny with the art form of dance when the act itself was forbidden by the Irani government.

We see how this beautiful soul Afshin, just wants to feel free in this stifling country and wants others to feel the same experience through the movement of dancing. We are also introduced to his friends and underground dance group, who experience this movement along with Afshin. As an audience member, I enjoy the expression of oneself with art as well as experience the emotional and physical backlash in trying to attempt some sense of freedom.

All the while, Iran is holding its first ever election; political aggression is at a dangerous high - to the point that many are betrayed by family, physically attacked and emotionally raped to submit to the Irani government.

I'm not going to spoil this movie for anyone, but if you honestly love dance (and no, I don't mean Step Up 2) you will love this movie.

I will now start using rating systems. So for this I give it a 4 out of 5 dance shoes. The movie had me crying tears of sadness and joy but there is still a little piece missing that makes me not make this a perfect score.

So TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Make sure to check out Desert Dancer in select theaters today!


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