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Looking at all the current live action DC TV series, [The Flash](series:1068303) is most definitely in the lead when it comes to the kind of fantasy and mythology that we find in comic books. Unlike Arrow or [Gotham](series:1127075), we see real superpowers, time travel and some pretty impressive costuming... and now it's time to add a little more fantasy to the mix with the upcoming appearance of Hawkgirl!

Last week, Deadline broke the news that Ciara Reneé would be taking on the role of the reincarnated Egyptian princess in the upcoming Flash/[Arrow](series:720988) spinoff, but now the actress has posted an image to her Instagram which suggests she'll be showing up long before the spinoff airs.

The image shows her trailer door, with a handwritten sign welcoming Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl's alias) to The Flash. Although she has since deleted the image, photos never die on the internet, and ComicBookMovie was among the sites who snapped a screenshot of it. Really, the fact that she removed it suggests that it's something of a spoiler for the show, and unless this is some variation of a (very) late April Fool's day prank, it looks like she'll be joining Barry Allen and the crew.

The official description for her role in the spin off describes the character as,

"a young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back, earning her the moniker Hawkgirl."

This description and her addition to the cast of The Flash has some interesting ramifications for the character in the rapidly expanding DC Universe as seen on the CW.

What kind of Hawkgirl could we see?

For one thing, it means that we'll be seeing a version of Hawkgirl who is, as yet, unsure of herself and her powers, and so is presumably of a similar age to Barry and the team. (Although, let's face it, comic book ages are fairly fluid, and this is a brand-new incarnation of the character.) Being young and inexperienced with her incredible superpowers, it will make amazing viewing to see whether she first appears as an ally or an enemy - that her warrior persona manifests "when provoked" is especially interesting.

Clearly, this means that she is going to be provoked, but will it be by Barry and his friends, Wells, or perhaps some of the Rogues? There is no doubt that she will come over to the side of good as she learns to control her wings and her memories, but in the meantime, I would definitely be interested to see Barry taking on a winged adversary. That said, I personally would prefer to see her come to them for help, and start off as a positive force. Barry has had more than his fair share of criminally-minded metahumans, and even came into conflict with Firestorm in the beginning. It would make a refreshing change to see him take another meta under his wing (so to speak!) from the get-go.

It'd open up the possibility of having Supercharacters not created by the explosion

Another really fascinating element to this addition is that this is a super-human in Barry's world who (presumably) has no connection to the accelerator explosion that created the Flash. It's possible that the event triggered the awakening of Saunder's memories, but it's equally possible (and far more interesting) that she has nothing to do with Star Labs. As we see the story arc that focuses around Harrison Wells coming, if not to a complete finish, then to a conclusion at the end of the season, I'm really excited about the concept of the show widening it's focus from just Reverse Flash and Star Labs.

Could we also see Hawkman?

We also know that the Arrow/Flash spinoff is still casting characters, and I wonder if this means that we will see Hawkman appearing in the new show alongside Hawkgirl. Their origins are closely connected, and it would make some sense to see him at some point in the new show. Of course, Hawkgirl and her stories are by no means dependent on the appearance of her long-lost love - to be perfectly honest, I would quite like to see her take center stage in which he gets more of a cameo further down the road.

The Arrow/Flash Universes balance each other

Finally, including a flying hero in the Flash gives me all kinds of goosebumps thinking about who else could take to the skies with her. We are finally seeing Ray Palmer using his ATOM suit in Arrow, and it is no secret that the two shows are deeply connected. I would love to see these two working together - one the epitome of technological advances, and the other the result of ancient love and magic. They just balance each other out on a symbolic level so perfectly, and I would be thrilled to see that brought to the screen. (Ignoring the fact that they are hardly best buds in the comics, of course - but that's just another joy of seeing a new spin on old favorites!).

We'd get to see some airborne fighting action

On top of that, I'm guessing that she may come in handy when dealing with airborne baddies; despite his impressive powers, Barry is limited to the ground right now, and a flying hero would make an absolutely incredible partner for him. Golden Glider could originally skate on air - could the introduction of Hawkgirl be leading up to a flying fight between these two women? I would love to see Captain Cold figure out a way to give Lisa the power of flight, thinking that he has found a way to defeat the Flash at last, only to discover that Barry's new friend, Kendra, is more than a match. There is something so deliciously classic about the thwarted supervillain that I just cannot wait to see.

Of course, until we see her in set photos or this is confirmed by the CW, I have to concede that it could all be a misunderstanding, and her appearance on The Flash still has one foot in the world of rumor. That said, it makes so much sense to me that I'm choosing to believe it. Beyond any of my speculation above, it's only logical to introduce some of the spinoff characters in the existing shows to get viewers interested in them before they move to their own timeslot.


What do you think? Will Hawkgirl be appearing on The Flash?


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