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Jessica Harmon

To coincide with the film's release On Demand - specifically iTunes (, - Paragon Releasing has provided us a new poster for Electric Slide.

This one is not only a completely different color than the first poster that was released, but the floating heads seem to have switched about a bit. This poster makes the film look less like a box of lipstick and more like a cool, Tarantino-type movie. And if, like me, you're keenner to now watch it.. here's the link.

The movie, called "dryly comic, arch, sleek, and suffused with mood-setting tracks by the likes of X and Depeche Mode" by The New York Post and featuring Sturgess and Lucas as a couple that "sizzle with charm, sex appeal and tragedy in every scene" (, tells the true story of '80s iconic bank robber Eddie Dodson. It has been playing at AMC Cinemas, but is now available On Demand.

Here's the new poster we were sent, and the trailer is up at


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