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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to establishing the world that the new cinematic universe DC and Warner Bros are getting off the ground. The movie will be introducing most of the characters that will "Unite the Seven" of the Justice League as well as essentially rebooting the character of Batman and Bruce Wayne for the foreseeable future.

Batman vs A Tragic Past

New Batman v Superman rumors are possibly shedding some light on exactly what kind of history the DC cinematic universe is giving this new Batman. We know this Bruce Wayne is a bit older and will have many years of battles under his belt. There have been some previous Batman v Superman plot leaks that have even suggested that Commissioner Gordon will be dead and buried from one of these battles that hangs over Batman's head. But could there be another victim in Batman v Superman that he was unable to save, adding more tragedy to this character's past?

Joker takes our Jason Todd's Robin in the DC books.
Joker takes our Jason Todd's Robin in the DC books.

The newest rumor from the endless spoiler factory that is Latino Post is pointing to Jason Todd making a non-appearance in Batman v Superman. It seems that, much like Bruce Wayne paying respects at Jim Gordon's grave - there may also be a memorial to former the former Robin showing up at some point in the movie. Not only that, but this could be establishing the Joker's murderous past prior to his appearance in Suicide Squad AND setting up the character of Jason Todd to reemerge in the cinematic universe as the Red Hood - much in the same way he did in the DC comics - even possibly getting his own movie.

Jason Todd vs The Suicide Squad

Badass Digest does some backing up of this new rumor and suggests that the Jason Todd memorial was included in drafts of the script (likely as a fixture of the Batcave, where Batman likes to keep his memorabilia). The new rumor goes on to add that Jason Todd is also mentioned in the Suicide Squad movie and that the death of Jason Todd's Robin at the hands of the Joker is reportedly a point of contention between the Joker and Harley Quinn. It makes me wonder if this is indeed one of the criminal acts that resulted in the Joker getting locked up.

The Joker behind bars again in Suicide Squad.
The Joker behind bars again in Suicide Squad.

The more I hear about the linear path that the new DC movies are taking, the happier I get. Batman v Superman could do Suicide Squad a lot of favors by helping establish how vicious and dangerous the Joker is prior to Suicide Squad. Sure, the Joker is a pretty well established character already but the less exposition that Suicide Squad has to do to answer the questions about why he's behind bars, the better. It seems a really natural move to add a classic comic book storyline like the Joker killing Jason Todd, from the Death in the Family run, to build an instant relationship to these new versions of Joker and Batman.

Batman vs The Robin Leagcy

This rumor also follows the previous hints that we would be seeing Jena Malone appearing as the female Robin that was part of Batman v Superman's inspiration, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. In that book, Batman was also mourning the loss of Robin and having something like Jason Todd's death haunting him would definitely add to the relationship between Batman and Malone's Carrie Kelley.

The more news that comes out about Suicide Squad, the more it sounds like this is the movie that is really going to do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to building this DC movie universe. Perhaps even more that the news surrounding Batman v Superman, it has me excited about where DC and Warner Bros are headed and that they're making the right steps to establish their characters without feeling the need to get bogged down in origin stories.

What do you think? Is this more good news for the DC cinematic universe? Take to the comments, dear readers!


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