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(Warning: If you want to watch Daredevil tomorrow with no idea what his red suit will look like, you may want to avoid what's below...)

Update: The Suit is Now OFFICIAL:

You can check it out in this here official Netflix motion poster below:

Or, y'know, this image of it:

And now...the original article:

Netflix and Marvel's first on-screen collaboration, Daredevil, is set to hit our screens in a matter of hours - but that hasn't stopped one of the show's biggest secrets from seemingly leaking. Throughout the past few months, amid rumors of villains, cameos and casting, there's been one constant wondering: Will Daredevil don his traditional red suit - and if so, what'll it look like?

Well, enough actors and producers from the show have teased the fact that he will, in fact, be going red at some point that the first half of that question seems to have been pretty solidly answered in the affirmative - but the second part has remained a mystery...until now, it seems:

Is This Daredevil's Red Suit?

A leaked image (above), has been doing the rounds on Reddit and Imgur, with reports suggesting that it was taken directly from the Netflix landing page for the show - as demonstrated by several images posted by

...which appear to show the image as having been inadvertently released onto Netflix earlier than intended:

Now, there's obviously a temptation here to suspect foul play - the image does, after all, look a touch photo-shopped, and it's difficult to believe that Netflix would keep the red suit secret for so long, and then plaster it all over their site before anyone had actually seen the show. The suit's reveal had, after all, seemed set to be one of the show's intended 'wow' moments. Add in the fact that only certain users seem to have been able to access the image, and it all seems a little peculiar...

That being said, there's been no comment - or denial - as of yet from Netflix or Marvel, and the image does look remarkably convincing (with the touches that look a little Photoshopped potentially having been the work of Marvel and Netflix themselves).

Now, a lot of me hopes that the image is indeed a fake - simply to preserve the reveal - but if it is, in actual fact, the costume we'll see on screen (and we'll find out for sure in just a few short hours), then there's one particularly interesting thing about it:

It Looks a Whole Lot Like Daredevil's Armored Suit

A.k.a. 'the one from the '90s that a whole lot of people hated, and only lasted for 25 issues.'

Whether we end up seeing that suit in the final show or not, though - Daredevil is only a matter of hours away from release. Here's one last look to get the excitement truly pumping:

What do you think, though?



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