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Karly Rayner

When it comes to cosplay, Japan goes bigger and bolder than most of its worldwide competitors and these talented contest winners show the dedication and attention to detail that go into creating a flawless look.

The Nippon Cosplay Photo Contest also focused on the photographic element (as the name might suggest) and some of the compositions are truly breathtaking.

Check out the top three below to see what I mean:

Image: gvgexvs0919

Image: luna_kamisaka

Image: natsumi0913

The runners up are all equally as awesome and, if you want my humble opinion, Lollipop Chainsaw was robbed!

Image: momoreku

Image: chami_madoka

Image: Saver666

Image: 739ra

Image: shikon2012

(Source: FashionablyGeek)


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