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Putting an end upon the speculations travelling across web related with casting, Ayer revealed his suicide squad over twitter. There are some new addition in the cast but the biggest question here is the absence of jaret leto and scott eastwood. Last week Scott eastwood casted for playing steve trevor , the love interest of wonder women.

villains teamed up for the BIG mission
villains teamed up for the BIG mission

Pictured above, from L-R, is Ayer ( director)
Joel Kinnaman (playing Rick Flag)
Will Smith (Deadshot)
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc)
Jay Hernandez (El Diablo)
Karen Fukuhara (Plastique)
Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn)
Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang)
Viola Davis (Amanda Waller)
Cara Delevingne (Enchantress)

The new additions here are-

Adam beach ( flag of fathers , skinwalkers) is rumored to be playing RAVAN- an instrument in the hands of Amanda waller and a fine martial art expert.

Adam beach as Ravan
Adam beach as Ravan

The other extension in the suicide squad universe

Ike barinholtz ( Neighbors with seth rogan ) is confirmed to play Hugo strange - One of Batman's earliest villains, preceding even the Joker and Catwoman, Dr. Hugo Strange is a brilliant but disturbed psychologist who forms an obsessive vendetta against Batman. He is also one of the few villains who have successfully deduced that the Batman's real identity is Bruce Wayne. A psychiatrist in Arkham asylum. He is one of the most influential villains in the batman history as batman once said "the most dangerous man in the world due to his tricks and mafia controlling techniques ."

ike barinholtz as hugo strange
ike barinholtz as hugo strange

The last and the most rumored character before casting - Deathstroke

Jim parrcak ( true blood , battle los angles ) has beaten out his true blood costar Joe manganiello for the role of Deathstroke - Genetically engineered to surpass all human limits, Slade Wilson was once a soldier, but now works as one of the most feared assassins in the DC Universe. Deathstroke will be at amanda waller side as rumored in the suicide squad team. He need no introduction as already been played by manu bennet in arrow series with excellence. Also one of the most beloved character from DC comics.

jim parrack as deathstroke
jim parrack as deathstroke


level of satisfaction from new casting

please provide your opinion about the movie, new casting and your own cast for whole suicide squad.

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