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After the amazing announcement last year that [Twin Peaks](series:797305) will get a much anticipated third season after a crazy 25-year hiatus, creator David Lynch has potentially broken a lot of hearts after his statement that he was leaving the reboot after negotiations broke down with Showtime.

In response to the news, the cast of the show, many of whom are already signed on to return for the reboot, have rallied behind the legendary director in video form. Completing the sentence "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..." the stars have made the best (and most Twin Peaks-like) argument why the show cannot continue with Lynch at the helm. Check it out:

Sheryl Lee a.k.a. Laura Palmer

Dana Ashbrook a.k.a. Bobby Briggs

Sherilyn Fenn a.k.a. Audrey Horne

Mädchen Amick a.k.a. Shelly Johnson

Peggy Lipton a.k.a. Norma Jennings

James Marshall a.k.a. James Hurley

Kimmy Robertson a.k.a. Lucy Moran

Gary Hershberger a.k.a. Mike Nelson

Catherine E. Coulson a.k.a. Margaret Lanterman a.k.a The Log Lady

Wendy Robie a.k.a. Nadine Hurley

Al Strobel a.k.a. Philip Michael Gerard a.k.a. the One-Armed Man

And finally David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer, basically summed it all up for us:

Now fans have been invited to submit their own videos completing the sentence "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..."

And the fans have been responding in full force!

Even director Lars von Trier tweeted the cause!

Watch the whole video with the cast here:

Twin Peaks Cast In Support of David Lynch and #SaveTwinPeaks

Complete the sentence:“Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like...”Or upload your own video to Instagram or Vine and tag it #SaveTwinPeaks!

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