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Photobombing is the new planking, everyone seems to be doing it.


Take a look at some of these weird photographs, when people have appeared and the people who took them have no idea why they're there!

So it looks like ghosts are trying to get in on the action.

With some verrrrry creepy results.

1. It's on your shoulder!!!!

And it looks like Michael Myers from Halloween!

2. Look in the bed!!!

I would never sleep in that room!

3. Who's that in the window?!

There's someone there, and they are see-through!

4. A Girls and Ghosts Night In

No wonder that child is crying her eyes out!

5. Get out of the water!

Ok so apparently the mom in this family researched and a girl had drowned in the water 100 years ago at that spot! Spoooooooky!

6. Waiting for dinner?

Or waiting to take your soul! The eyes are freaking me out!

7. Smile for the camera!

Or you know, you can just look all pale and terrifying if you want....

8. Just casually posing against a rock

That's got a head on it!

9. The ghost is holding the baby!

The kid looks ok with it to be honest...

10. He's behind you!

Is he trying to grind on her?!


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