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It's natural to get at least a little bit frustrated when driving your car - people swerving all over the place, drivers suddenly turning without indicating, going too slow, and not paying attention because they are chatting away to their pals in the back-seat.

Indeed, there are many reasons why we get annoyed, but the following driver has simply taken a bit of road frustration too far.

A bizarre feud has taken place between drivers in Quebec, which shows one of the most outstanding, and downright terrifying, instances of road rage I have ever heard of.

So, what happened?

A couple were driving with their two kids in a suburb of Montreal when a tree-specialist minivan cut them off. Apparently, the man in the vehicle was driving very recklessly and swerving erratically, so they decided to follow him to note down his license plate number.

Ending up in a dead-end street with the exit blocked, the young family were confronted by the minivan driver, Manuel Delisle.

But what happened next is really quite unsettling...

The man fired up a chainsaw!

Delisle came at them revving a chainsaw, yelling "do you like this?"

Thankfully, the family locked all the doors to their car to prevent him from getting in and filmed the entire thing on a cellphone, posting it later on Facebook. Take a look at the horrific footage!

The worst part is hearing the child screaming out in fear in the background! Sends chills down my spine!

It's not everyday that you get apprehended by a chainsaw so this instance is really, really frightening! And naturally, this leads to one thing and that is to re-watch the trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Next time you come head-to-head with another driver over a minor annoyance, just hope that they don't come at you revving a dangerous object. Because clearly, this really does happen in real-life too!



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