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Here at the Moviepilot office we like to remain professional and keep a serious office environment, ehrm... some of the time.

BUT, this collection of porn parody posters have had us all crying with laughter all morning.

Take a look at this bunch for the biggest laugh you will have all day, guaranteed!

Thank you creators of Porn parody, thank you.

1. Pulp Friction

Funnily enough I think Quentin would probably approve of this one...

2. BatDude and Throbin

The Dark Knight rises?

3. Bitanic

It's not just the ship that goes down...

4. Womb Raider

Who thinks up this stuff?!

5. Edward Penishands

If you have penises for hands, your best career step would probably be a porn star...

6. Shaving Ryan's Privates

Shouldn't he be watching what he's doing if he has a razor in his hand?

7. Whorrey Potter & The Sorcerer's Balls

Thank goodness the sorcerer's balls are hidden.

8. Sex Busters

Who you gonna call?!

9. Alice in Wonderland

This has just RUINED by favorite Disney movie.....

10. Batbabe, The DarkNightie

Clever use of the word Nightie...I see where they're going for with that one.

11. Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant

I can't see Harrison Ford getting away with that outfit....

12. The Humper Games

The tag line to this is just too funny.

13. Hairy Twatter

There's something going down at Hogwarts...

14. The Whore Of Wall Street

Obviously this has to be dirtier than the actual movie, right? And the movie is preeeetty dirty...

15. For all you music fans....

Just because it's GENIUS.


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