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(WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for Season 4 of 'Game of Thrones'. Possibly Season 5 too, but only mild ones for the latter. So, you know, be careful.)

Poor Jon Snow, you'd wanna give the little lad a hug wouldn't you after such a spate of ill fated relationships, either blood or romantic. But things seem to be looking up for the "Watcher on the Wall" in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, as discussed by Kit Harrington.

He knows a thing or two, does Jon Snow...
He knows a thing or two, does Jon Snow...

After cremating Ygritte (Rose Leslie) at the end of last season, and losing his father, brother, his stepfather of sorts (Lord Commander Jeor Mormont) and being led to believe that his younger siblings have also perished, a possible brief respite from pain appears in the vermilion mystery of a certain priestess of the "Lord of Light."


In an interview with EW, when quizzed about Snow's view on Melisandre, Harrington was open on the subject:

He’s incredibly intrigued by her. I find it endlessly funny that he really fancies redheads. One dies, and another comes along, and he’s all, “Hello!” There’s mutual interest between them that we see right from the get-go. There’s definitely a future there this season, with him and her.
Who knows what Melisandre sees in people, but she’s obviously obsessed with bastards and noble blood. There’s obviously something a bit special about him in this story, and she locks in on that. So this season she tries to seduce him. That’s her power play. It’s going to be an interesting battle!
Melisandre & Gendry
Melisandre & Gendry

An interesting battle indeed! We all remember the fate that almost befell Gendry when he got too close to the warmth of Melisandre, but what will this mean for the great Snow-white hope?

What do you think?

(Source: EW)


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