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According to Hollywood Life there is one way to lure Nina Dobrev back to The Vampire Diaries and it is one that plenty of us fans would definitely approve of.

A [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) MOVIE!

The celebrity gossip website claims to have snagged an anonymous source in the know who whispered into their ears that TVD might make its first appearance on the big screen where Elena Gilbert would make her triumphant return.

The source also spilled that Nina Dobrev might consider returning with an explosive bang for the Season 7 finale. The said:

The show wants to give Nina her proper finish. She deserves it and many don’t want to bastardize that by adding her to next season, even in a guest spot situation. Aside from a future movie, they would only consider having her return during the [series] finale

While I'm sure we have all learned to take news from Hollywood Life with a liberal pinch of salt, this doesn't seem like a ridiculously far fetched idea...

After all, Nina Dobrev is slowly breaking onto the big screen and TVD getting a movie is a believable concept.

Just look at what happened when The X-Files ended...

Source: Hollywood Life


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