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Photobombing seems to be the new celebrity craze!

From the red carpet to fan shots today's stars just love to get papped at any opportunity!

Take at look at these hilarious photobombers in action!

1.) Jake Gyllenhaal Bombs Ang Lee and Uma Thurman

And they remain blissfully unaware...

2.) Leonardo DiCaprio Bombs 50 Cent and Naomi Campbell

Bet this was taken In Da Club....

3.) Johnny Depp Bombs Tim Burton

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

4.) Lupita Nyong'o Bombs Jared Leto

She's doing SUCH a good job!

5.) Jared Leto Bombs Anne Hathaway

Well, he had to get over his embarrassment somehow.

6.) Tom Hanks Bombs Some Poor Passed Out Guy

That guy must have been so shocked when he checked his phone in the morning.

7.) Kevin Spacey Bombs Matthew Perry and Conan O'Brian

Brilliant over shoulder glare look, Frank Underwood would approve.

It seems Mr. Spacey is a repeat offender, great work Sir!

8.) Robert Pattinson Bombs The Ladies

In the oddest position possible. What were you thinking, Rob?!

9.) Aaron paul Bombs Bryan Cranston

Would he have dared do this to Walter White?

10.) Dwayne Johnson Bombs a Fan

11.) Nicholas Cage Bombs an Unsuspecting Mother and Baby

Why is he wearing two pairs of sunglasses I wonder?

12.) Zach Braff Bombs Jessica Alba and Fergie

Looks like Zach Galifianakis finds it funny...

13.) Arnold Schwarzenegger Bombs a Fan

On a bike?! Noooooo! Arnie, you need to be on some badass motorbike not a push bike!

14.) Michael Cera Bombs Random Party-goers

What has that guy got behind his ear that's so mesmerizing?!

15.) Nicole Kidman Bombs Russell Crowe and Meryl Streep

The between the shoulder action...classic.

16.) Dustin Hoffman Bombs Dame Judi Dench

Giving her the bunny ears, inspired Dustin, inspired.


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