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As a huge fan of Disney films, there are many times I've found myself pondering the life of the characters long after the films are over, however I can't say I've ever imagined what some very imaginative Tumblr users have been mulling over: How much hair dye would it take to dye Rapunzel's hair, and how much would it all cost?

Rapunzel could really rock the blue locks, right?
Rapunzel could really rock the blue locks, right?

Now, of course we're talking about Rapunzel before she cut off all her blonde locks and gained her short, brunette style, just to clarify for all those diehard Tangled fans out there.

First of all the Tumblr users needed to assess just how much hair dye Rapunzel would need to give proper coverage of that huge head of hair. They supposed it would take three containers of dye per foot of hair, and reasoned that her hair was 70 feet long, meaning altogether Rapunzel would need 210 containers of hair dye, whoa!

But that's not the only surprise, after Rapunzel has decided to dye her hair, worked out how many boxes she needed to buy, she then needs to spend up large to get all that dye! The Tumblr users figure that a box of hair dye is approximately $7 at Walmart, which multiplied by 210 is $1,470! That's a very expensive new hair-do!

Even if Rapunzel's hair is thin, as another Tumblr user suggests, then she would still probably need at least 70 bottles of dye which would definitely still break the bank!

Of course, Rapunzel would also need people to help her apply the dye which would probably take hours depending on how many helpers she had, though presumably the one person who could help her is Mother Gothel which would mean that it would take a heck of a long time, not to mention - how many towels would you need to wash at the end of it?! Maybe it's just as well that Rapunzel ended up with short hair by the end of Tangled, I'm sure her hairdressing bills are much cheaper!

Source: Reddit


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