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The Tracking Board is reporting some activity on the long stalled movie reboot of sci-fi classic, Logan's Run.

For a while now, Warner Bros. have been attempting to develop the 1976 dystopian flick into a modern blockbuster, but it seems their original plans have fallen through. Initially, we heard Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn would direct with Ryan Gosling as the lead. According to LatinoReview, both have now left Logan's Run in order to pursue other projects.

Today, it seems Warner Bros. are looking to shake things up by casting a female lead for the reboot. Blockbuster action films with female leads, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent franchises, have been doing good business at the box office recently and it seems Warner might want to recalibrate Logan's Run to this demographic.

The original Logan's Run told of a future dystopia in which resources have become incredibly scant. In order to control the population, all humans who reach the age of 30 are killed. Logan, originally played by Michael York, is a bounty hunter whose job it is to track down those who have fled their government sanctioned fate. However, soon Logan himself attempts to escape the oppressive system.


Would you like to see a female lead in Logan's Run?

Source: LatinoReview


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