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Unofficial Disney merchandise often gets a bad name for being tacky, but there is no denying that these awesome princess and villain inspired rings are fit for any princess!

The beautiful creations from AOS Design and Niki Rings all invoke the spirit of a Disney heroine or evil doer and are loosely based around the gorgeous crowns that they sport.

Check out the glistening selection below and decide which one you would wear to your coronation:


This black gold Maleficent ring is designed to sing a siren song to your dark side.

According to its creator "The side view of the ring represents Maleficent.The prong settings are shaped like horns with the main stone representing her face and the other rubies representing her robe."


Inspired by Rapunzel's decadent crown, this ornate rings is sure to turn almost as many heads as some floor sweeping locks!

Sleeping Beauty

This 14k gold engagement ring is inspired by the beautiful princess Aurora and it's not difficult to see her flowing golden tresses wrapped around the side of the ring. Clearly I have expensive taste because this is my favorite and it also happens to cost $4000. Ouch.


If you look closely at the tiny blue stone in the band of this ring, you can see a delicate and unobtrusive snow flake making it clear that this ring was designed with a certain ice queen in mind.

(Source: AOS Design and Niki Gems)


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