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Fans of The Flash will already know that ex-Man of Steel, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), is set to make a guest appearance as The Atom in next week's episode - but did you spot this cheeky little nod to Clark Kent in the show's teaser?

Have a watch:

If you thought the dialogue at the end was a little familiar, you were right:

Is that a bird?
It's a plane...
It's my boyfriend.

Okay, okay, it's a little cheesy, but a nice reference for fans aware of the meta-irony in Routh's previous acting role.

The new episode, called "All-Star Team Up," sees Brie Larvin (guest star Emily Kinney) sending hundreds of aggressive robotic bees to kill Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays).

The episode is set to debut on April 14, 2015.

[Via: ComicBook]


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