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We've always wanted to see Batman and Robin come head-to-head and a recent premiere by Warner Bros pulls out all the stops in delivering what seems to be one of the most epic battles ever.

The new animated film Batman vs. Robin was showcased at the Wondercon last weekend and follows on from the story of Son of Batman. The plot revolves around a secret society which dates back to the beginnings of Gotham City - this group kidnaps children and raises them as assassins.

Although I cannot provide you with the full version, the following action-packed clip from the feature will have to suffice for now. Don't worry - it definitely packs a punch and is still incredibly entertaining.

Check out the brief breakdown of these two characters beating each other up below:

Batman & Robin are fighting it out in a mysterious blue-lit arena

They really appear to be kicking each other's asses!

Even though Batman calls Robin "sloppy"

He angrily replies that he "doesn't need to be trained by some circus clown"

Who wins the fight?

Watch the clip in full and find out:

The animation looks really well done, don't you agree? It looks like it's going to be very cool indeed.

Sadly, you're going to have to hold on just a little longer as the movie is only released on April 14!



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