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My Name Is Oliver Queen

The very first words you hear in every episode of Arrow. Why not have it as the title for Arrow's third season finale? Unlike The Flash, the twists and turns of Arrow are not as clear. A bonus for reading, Oliver will most likely sleep with Felicity in episode 20, The Fallen.

It's clear that this episode will be about the identity of Oliver Queen, finally. I can't be the only one whose felt that Oliver's civilian identity has been completely useless since Ray Palmer took over Queen Consolidated. Fleshing out Oliver Queen instead of the Arrow is a good way to go considering after three seasons, I still think the main protagonist is underdeveloped.

This will most likely be about the plot point of Oliver's identity crisis which was a strong plot point in the first episode, clearly setting up something big and then have it only vaguely mentioned for the rest of the season.

This means more Olicity and a more in depth look at Oliver as Ra's Al Ghul? Why shouldn't Oliver be Ra's Al Ghul? He'd literally still be Arrow except now he has a bad-ass army. It would be awesome.

It would be funny if Ra's wasn't even in the finale. Perhaps as a cameo. I feel like Ra's has already been defeated and Oliver is dealing with the consequences of the battle. This will also most likely set up Season 4, considering the creators know what they're doing next. For my article on what's happening in Arrow Season 4, click here.

Arrow has been building up to something, I hope it's great. I want Starling City to know the truth because I believe they are ready for it. I want Oliver to do something completely out of character so we can see he has grown as a person. I want him to become a bad-ass leader of the League Of Assassins so that we can see something new on the show.

Leave your theories on what the Arrow Season Finale, I know I could use some more theories. Let's all just enjoy My Name Is Oliver Queen.


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