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This is a show I would find myself cling to and now that I think back on it, I believe this show can come back.Could the return show be called Return to Chalk zone. I think this premise could work really well. I think this show can focus a lot more of sharing the chalk world and having deeper characters. If that's the focus I think it could work without the musical numbers from other things. I think an interesting idea for a 'villain' who mistakenly finds their way into the chalk world. It's a concept I'm sure plenty of people have seen before. What's important is to make the back story and development of the character just as strong. I think with a return like this the strongest comebacks should be from Rudy and from his friend Snap. I think it could be back and forth and test of friendship if you will. I think the show can have more intense moments while maintaining a strong child friendly atmosphere.

In a way it could feel like Digimon, a show the very often pushed a lot of intense ideas. And it could draw from other shows like the last air bender blending in comedy, drama and action all into one show. I think kids have long been able to handle such shows and the blend is so well done that kids end up learning so much more. The theme song with it's intense rifting almost implied more action in the show. I've seen both that the show ended properly and got cancelled. I think now would be a good time to bring back chalk zone and have a similar intro:

If you agree I want to share a new hash tag: . Let's see if we can make something happen.


Would you like to see a return to chalkzone


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