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Daniel Corvino

This month Marvel started a new program on their social media called Hero of the Month. They provide you 6 heroes to pick from and you through social media posts, tweets, etc. the population picks the winner. It's a pretty cool interactive way to keep the fans engaged, but what's interesting is the 6 heroes those chose this month: Daredevil, Quick Silver, Hawk Eye, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Spider-Gwen.

The first 4 of the selections we will see in some capacity this month. Daredevil will appear on Netflix in less than 24 hours. We will get the first apperance of Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver at the end of the month in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Hawkeye will also appear in that movie but this time he won't be under Loki's mind control the entire movie (although it would be pretty funny if Scarlet Witch put him under mind control for the entire movie).

So that leaves us with Miles Morales and Spider Gwen. Is this cause for speculation that either Miles Morales will be our next Spider-Man, or that Gwen Stacy will be reappearing in the 2017 Spider-Man movie that Marvel/Sony will co-release?

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Who is your hero of the month?


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