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With the Marvel Universe new 52-ing itself next month( basically resetting the entire universe), that gives Marvel a chance to redo storylines, origins, even bring back momentous events, which they're currently doing as we speak, with Secret Wars (again...).

So, onto what I think would forever change both the New 52 and the new Marvel, whatever it may be, is the revival of something amazing and legendary, or possibly an AMALGAMATION (hint, hint) of the two words... Amazendary. love it.


I absolutely love amalgam, and it's in my top 10 favorite story lines of all time, right up there with Flashpoint and Dark Reign. It combines some of my favorite characters, and is just has a great plot, explanation to the combination, and had an amazing reaction with their fans and other assorted public opinion.

For those of you who don't know what Amalgam is, Amalgam is the combination of different Marvel and DC characters, such as Super Solider (Captain America+ Superman), Dark Claw (Wolverine+ Batman), and Amazon (Storm+ Wonder Woman).

Justice League of Avenging...Assemble!
Justice League of Avenging...Assemble!

Some of you may be wondering, "How would the two companies make this happen?" And I've accounted for that. Like I said at the top of the article, Secret Wars is coming up, bringing a large array of the Multiverse together for a huge war. So, Marvel's side of the exchange is accounted for, but what about DC. Well.

Right now, DC is going off of something called Convergence, where a powerful Brainiac-like guy named Telos who collects not only planets, but timelines and other Universes. And, as we know, even when a comic book character leaves an alternate universe, the alternate universe keeps on going. For example, the Flashpoint universe is still going on, even though Barry left.

So, that means that Amalgam is still going on, and possibly Telos has collected the old Amalgam universes. Both of the universes have reset and introduced many new characters since the last Amalgam, so if anyone at Marvel reads this, please. Amalgam: Next Gen is a good idea.


What do you think MARVEL is doing with Secret Wars?


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