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Feelings have been very mixed about Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Some really want the franchise to start with a clean slate after the Tim Story debacle, while others feel it's just too soon.

While, today some of those nay-sayers might change their tone when they get a first look at Jamie Bell as The Thing (Ben Grimm) in a brand new still thanks to our friends over at Empire.

This is our first look at the character, and we must admit he looks fantastic.

Reports Empire: Trank went down the mo-cap route, with Bell donning the dotted leotard, to better impart the rocky-skinned The Thing with Grimm’s personality and mannerisms. “Jamie in real life is a tough guy,” Trank told Empire recently. “He exudes this strength. Ben is Reed’s best friend in the archetypal, spiritual way, and you want that character to have that warmth and that strength.”

As well as this impressive first look at the fully CG Thing, we’ve also been given two new, exclusive shots from the movie, including the four as they mount the fateful expedition to another dimension that changes them forever; and a shot of Teller on a gurney, presumably post-exploration. Look closely, and we swear those arms are just a little longer than they should be…

But The Thing is the thing here. What do you think of this new version of the Fantastic Four’s soulful strong man? We can’t wait to see him in action – and hear how Bell is tackling Grimm’s thick New York accent.

While we still feel one of the only good things about the Tim Story movies was Michael Chiklis' role as the popular Marvel Comics character, we must admit, this may sway us into giving the upcoming reboot a second glance.

Two more stills from the film can also be viewed below...

What do you guys think of the new Thing?

Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on Friday, August 7th.

(Source: Empire)

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