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As we all now know Hugh Jackman is retiring the Wolverine and will be playing the Wolverine in [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) and one more Untitled Wolverine movie. It is sad that he is leaving but he is leaving a legacy that everyone will enjoy and remember in super hero movies for the rest of time, especially in the x men franchise. Although he is leaving that does not mean the wolverine will be gone forever. For most people if there is no wolverine, theres no x men. From a movie standpoint thats true, for comics, no so much. But with his popularity within the movies, not having him would be a mistake.

So who is going to replace him? Hugh Jackman will be in the next solo wolverine film but no other cast members have been confirmed in the movie it will be intersecting to see how he will go. If Fox wants a new male lead for the new wolverine they will probably find someone younger, maybe a newbie or someone with experience in a franchise. Reasoning for that is if you think about it, look at all of the new cast members for the new X men movie. Being around all of these young people probably feels a little weird for Hugh Jackman. With all of these new and young actors coming into the x men franchise Fox is probably going to go with a Wolverine that is younger. Some actors that I think would be a good idea to try or also a good fit would be Kingsman the secret service star Taron Egerton, Dylan O'Brien from the Maze runner franchise, and; going a little older here, Tom Hardy.


But what if the legacy were to go on but without a male lead taking his place, what about a female? Yep thats right, X-23!!



You still want a badass with claws than why not her. If you don't know anything about X 23, here is some background. Born a clone of the Wolverine, x 23 was trained to be a perfect killing machine, used as an assassin and grew up in a facility for creating another Weapon X (Wolverine) and they didn't take any crap. The cloning process took 23 times to finally work which is how she got her name. She would live under a lot of pain from the scientist and from the assassins that trained her. Her mother, Sarah Kinney, whom gave birth to her, a doctor in geneticist tried to raise her in a normal lifestyle but it would not be a easy as she had hoped. After fully training her and also putting the adamantium metal claws on her. She would go through a lot of assassinations and even( SPOIL ALERT!!!!!!)killing her own mother!

Anyway on to my point, if you want to have the Wolverine's legacy go on why not use someone who is pretty much the same person, but just female. Just picture this; X men Apocalypse closing scene after credits its a room with four walls, no windows and scratch marks all over it. The camera moves from the marks to a bed where X 23 is sitting looking down, breathing hard. But it doesn't show the claws, then just her face and eyes show. Her eyes are blood shot red with her green eyes looking into the camera; goes black.

The reason for the blood shot red eyes is because when she was born, the some of the doctors created a Trigger scent to make her loose her mind and pretty much kill anything in site, even her own friends and family.

Trigger Scent
Trigger Scent

Through all of this I truly believe that X 23, or Laura Kinney can continue the legacy of the Wolverine, with her badass abilities and maybe just even help Logan on his last run in the next solo Wolverine movie. Leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns.


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