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What if the Avengers became animals? What if they were exposed to some enhancing drug that turned them into some of cinema's most famous animals? Would they still be as awesome? Who would be who? Well, you're about to find out. Get ready for the first ever fan casting experiment where I turn your favorite superheroes into animals.

Nala as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Given that Nala is more the encouraging best friend/wife to Simba, she'd have a tricky part to play. But she's nailed the emotional aspect when it comes to her relationship with Captain America. All she'd need to do is become the dangerous assassin part of Black Widow.

Simba as Captain America/Steve Rodgers

Simba is the embodiment of patriotism, loyalty, and leadership. He's suffered so much loss in his life like Captain America, and he turns out to be one of the greatest animal kings ever because of it. He has the emotional capabilities, the body, and the same type of moral conscience to be a perfect Steve Rodgers.

Tramp as Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Much like Hawkeye, Tramp is sort of strong, capable to defend himself, and for the most part able to defend those around him. It all depends on what villain they're fighting, which is why he could fill Hawkeye's shoes perfectly.

Godzilla as Hulk/Bruce Banner

There's not much to be said further then both are monsters with the capabilities of mass destruction. Both are forces that can't be killed. Both will fight for good and for bad. This is a clear choice for Hulk.

Thomas O'Malley as Iron Man/Tony Stark

Thomas O'Malley cat is the perfect, cocky, womanizer to play Tony Stark/Iron Man. He's brave, brilliant, funny, good looking. Plus, he's a pretty fantastic actor so he'd make a stellar billionaire playboy philanthropist.

Scar as Nick Fury

Scar is wise, older, and a man full of secrets. He'd play a perfect, weather-beaten Nick Fury. Although his actions may seem inhumane at the time, he's really just trying to save humanity. He may not always agree with the rest of the Avengers, but really he wants the same thing.

Baloo the Bear as Thor

Just like Thor, Baloo the bear is hilarious. But when it comes to it, he can be a serious force to reckon with. He's one of the strongest, most passionate, emotional bears out there, and yet he knows how to have a fun time. He'd be a key team player in this new Avengers line-up.

So what did you think? Would you entrust your animal self into the hands of these heroes? This would actually be a kind of cool mini-movie if you ask me.


Who was your favorite animal Avenger?


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