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After writing an article on why Professor McGonagall is the best Hogwarts professor, there were quite a few comments saying that our beloved Keeper of Keys and Grounds deserves a bit of love thrown his way, too.

While, personally, he's not my favorite professor in the series, he is still, hands down, one of my favorite characters. A giant man with an even bigger heart, Hagrid was the first person in Harry's memory who showed him any kindness and ushered him into the magical world.

So here are 17 reasons why we should all remember how amazing of a character Hagrid is. Just to get in the mood, watch the heartwarming video of Hagrid's return in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

"There's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid."

1. He saved Harry from his past

After Lily and James Potter died, Hagrid took Harry, without question, out of harms way. Even after he knew Harry would be safe, it was hard for him to let go of the baby who was no bigger than a bowtruckle.

2. He stood up to the Dursleys

He showed Harry that he could be strong and that he was someone worth fighting for. Up until that point Harry was led to believe he was utterly unimportant. I can't imagine how impactful this must have been for him.

3. And then he brought Harry to Hogwarts

Where would we be had Harry not made it to Hogwarts? That's a world I wouldn't want to be a part of.

4. He introduced Harry to the wizarding world

Imagine giving a kid the birds and the bees talk, except it's more like the bedknobs and broomsticks talk! Explaining to a kid that an entire magical world exists is no easy task.

5. He played the role of a parent before anyone else

Did Hagrid have to take Harry to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies? Did he have to be the one to tell Harry about who he really was? No, but he wanted to do those things and be there for Harry, and that's what matters.

6. He bought Harry his first real birthday present and best friend

This was probably the highlight of 11-year-old Harry's life!

7. He taught Hermione to take pride in who you are

Hagrid knew better than anyone else that being different is hard, but you just have to love yourself anyway.

8. He helped Harry feel connected to his parents

That photo album was the first picture that Harry ever owned of his parents. Another priceless gift from Hagrid.

9. He always helped out the trio, even if it was an accident

Keeping secrets was never Hagrid's strong suit, but the facts he revealed always ended up coming in handy.

10. He took care of his brother when no one else would

Talk about being dedicated to your family! Taking care of a giant half-brother is no easy task.

11. He loved all creatures, big and small

You know how they say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals? Well if that's the case, Hagrid is the most warm, kindhearted man alive.

12. He was a passionated Care of Magical Creatures professor

Maybe he wasn't the absolute best or the most qualified, but I'll be dammed if you find a man more committed to his work than Rubeus Hagrid.

13. The man wore what he wanted and rocked it

It's called confidence, heard of it?

14. He's not the best baker - or speller - but he tries his hardest!

Something about Hagrid baking things for Harry and his friends really gets to me. I'm sure he knows he's not the best chef ever, but he wants to feed everyone and take care of them as best he can.

15. He was fiercely loyal

Hagrid trusted Dumbledore implicitly. Even when other people had their doubts, his faith in the headmaster never wavered.

16. And would have done anything for the Boy Who Lived

The look in Hagrid's face as he pleads with Harry to leave the Forbidden Forest and as he carries Harry's limp body makes my heart ache.

17. No one loved Harry quite like Hagrid

Hagrid is the kind of character who would love unconditionally without asking for anything in return. He was never an exceptional wizard, he never sought fame or power, and acted solely from the goodness of his heart. Because of that, he's easily one of the best, yet under-appreciated characters in the whole series!

Harry was right, there would have been no Hogwarts without Hagrid, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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