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Dora the Explorer was one of the best interactive Nickelodeon kids shows that helped shape childhoods and did a good job of being both instructive and entertaining. Dora was adorable and was constantly getting into some interesting and awesome adventures.

What would you say if I told you that Dora wasn't perennially young? What if she became a grown adult with a tad bit more sex appeal than the younger version? Well, a lot of deviantART users have already had this idea. And the results are kind of gnarly.

Here is the original version of the Dora intro, just to provide context for what you are about to see below - I'm truly not sure how to feel.

I think the show would be a little different with this Dora starring

SRSobotka did the art for this.

Muscular toned Dora would be a great adventurer

lmac1412 put together this super-fit version of an older Dora.

Dora is cute here, but I feel weird saying that

DCRmx posted this teenage post-puberty Dora

This is a 27-year old Dora looking SUPER bodacious

Zurfergoth wondered what a 27-year old Dora would look like and made her happen.

Dora is still apparently avoiding Swiper, even though now she's a bit older and has a different hairdo

Otagoth brought Dora into what looks like her early to mid 20s.

I really have no words for this one

This was posted by toongrowner.

I wonder how these Doras would do in the real show...

(Via: deviantART)


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