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I'm not a writer. I write because if I were to speak no one would listen. And everything seems more eloquent in the written word. I'm wired

"Okay, frist off I wanted you to know that beside some embellishment here and there that this story is completely true and to remind you that the only thing that separates reality from dream is you. That one man can move mountains and all you have to do is truly believe."

Once upon a time there was a boy named Wilde. Wilde wasn't like other boys. No, he was a Lost boy. The last Lost boy in Neverland. Like other boys he would play, laugh, Jump and run. But unlike other boys he was ageless and always alone. But despite all of this he thought he was complete. I mean when Neverland is your playground what else could you possibly ask for? Till one day a girl fell upward out of a hole in a tree stump. Till gravity caught her and she tumbled to the ground. Her name was Faire and she had found a hole in the wall behind her dresser into this magical land. Wilde had never seen a boy with such long hair before. But her eyes we're as deep and blue as Mermaid lagoon and her hair was like a net that captured the sun’s rays. As she wore its brilliance like a hair bow. They wasted no time at all and pretty soon they were best friends. Wilde taught her how to fly and Faire thought him how to fall without braking your neck. He showed her the talking Daddue tree that grew toys upon its branches. She showed him to put his toys away at the end of every day. Her mother and father worked leaving her with the nanny most the day. So Faire was more than glad for a good adventure. They played hide and seek upon clouds then caught the stars in cups like fireflies to light the darkness at night. It was fighting pirates one time and Dragon hunters the next. Playtime would always end to soon. When the Tik Tok Croc struck seven it was time to start picking up. This went on for just under a year and if it was longer they couldn't tell. Wilde was an odd boy having been raised by the Daddue Tree and the Neverland beasts. Sometimes he would howl and make strange sounds. But that didn't bother Faire who would scream as he did. Making Wilde believe they were the same. This made Neverland life for him a lot less scary and alone. Things didn't always go well and even the best of friends fight sometimes. There were days that Faire chose to stay at home. Being an only child she wasn't use to always having someone around. She enjoyed her solitude but to Wilde solitude was his prison that he never wished to return to. He would always put their toys out in anticipation of her. Only one night she didn't return. Then the night after and so on. Her mother had left her job and was home at last. Faire was so happy and spent the season with her. Till Wilde came to her mind one evening. She moved her dresser and climbed in. Only to be met in the rain by the end of a spear. Wilde was holding it demanding who she was. This shook her who ran to a nearby pool of water to see. The young woman who stared back was at the twilight of her childhood. The same face no doubt. Only with soft scuttle hints to the grown up she would inevitably become. Her hair was darker it didn't carry the light like it once did. She had crossed the threshold and grown up. And in Neverland grownups were not to be trusted. She tried to explain but Wilde was near feral. Obviously disappointed after his long wait only to find a grown up. She understood that. He would put their toys out by day and put them away at night standing constant vigil over the stump. Covering it with a blanket on cold Neverland nights. She thought about leaving and just forgetting this place. But fould it near impossible to just walk away. Wilde was her best friend in the whole world and if he was going to wait forever for her to return then she would wait too. And there they stayed every free moment she had at the side of her best friend. Waiting for a child that would never come again.

The end.

"I hope you could appreciate the story and as I already mentioned the tale is very true. My son Josh was born Autistic. When one day he discovered a little girl a year older then him asleep in our living room. The daughter of my best friend who's wife had begun a job make ends meet. They became best friends despite their million differences. He was 'Wild' and she the 'faire'st of the land. He would make Autistic related noises and she would echo everyone. Then just under a year later her mother left her job. That morning the boy who never asked me for anything asked for his friend. It crushed me and changed him. And when I arranged for them to meet again eight months later she had hit a growth spurt and he didn't recognize her. She wouldn't have changed in his eyes. His best friend right next to him and he didn't even know. She's still very sweet to him but he remains indifferent towards her."

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