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Back in 2007, I acted in a Pepsi commercial directed by MTV award winning director Samuel Bayer. I was proud to be the only girl in the commercial. Even though the food on set was exquisite, I had my own trailer and I had fun sitting in hair and makeup every day, I still cringe when someone repeats my final line from the commercial, which sappily was "goodbye Mr. Made Up of Different Stuff Guy."

If you're so inclined, you can check out the absurdity below.

I may not be a celebrity, but it's like this: on one hand I enjoy it, but on the other, it's slightly cripplingly embarrassing when my friends and family bring it up. I can't even fathom being someone like Brad Pitt and watching a goofy video, shaking my head from the awkward acting roles of my past.

Not only are we normal folk able to carry on with our day if we embarrass ourselves, we are also given the gift of enjoying these cute and hilarious commercials from some of the biggest star's pasts.

1. Bruce Willis Sings the Booze Blues

We all know Bruce Willis can kick ass in his action films. But did you know this guy could croon? It's so adorable that he even thinks of singing a line to the adorable dog relaxing on the porch.

Fun fact: Bruce Willis lost his role as the spokesperson for Seagrams as he was caught drunk driving.

2. JLaw is J Pompous

We all know Jennifer Lawrence as an incredibly down-to-Earth chick who talks about eating pizza and accidentally gets too drunk at Oscar parties like the rest of us. In this commercial, however, she plays a stuck up rich bitch whose birthday plans end up blowing in her face (at one point, literally). Even as a conceited girl, Lawrence is still such a cutie!

3. Sexy and Sultry Coca-Cola Cameron

You can find Cameron Diaz in this early '90s commercial as she follows the beckoning signal of her lover. The way she drinks the Coca-Cola and delivers her final line. She sure made me melt.

4. Naomi Watts...the Face of Tampons

I doubt it's every actress' dream to the be the face of Tampax, but hey, you've got to start somewhere, haven't you? This two-time Academy Award nominee got her start in this cheesy '80s commercial as the tampon girl.

5. Charlie Day is Bonkers for Bagels

Charlie Day is known for his dynamic comedic chops, especially in Horrible Bosses and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We luckily get touches of how hilarious he is in this old Thomas' Bagels commercial.

6. Super Paul Rudd Nintendo, A Game We All Want to Play

In this old dug-up treasure from 1991, we see Paul Rudd playing an intense game on his Super Nintendo. I'm as transfixed on him as he is to the game.

7. Morgan Freeman, the Family Man

The song is catchy and Morgan Freeman's voice is as smooth as ever. Not to mention that baby is ridiculously adorable. I just want to pinch those chubby cheekies!

8. Squeaky Clean with John Travolta

I can't believe how young John Travolta is here in this commercial from the '70s. He used to be quite the stud, and I can almost experience how good he smells through my computer screen. Thank you Safeguard soap.

9. Steve Carrell

Steve Carell is as adorably quirky as ever in this Brown's Chicken commercial form the early '90s. He delivers his lines with the same comedic gusto as is present in his comedic films and TV shows, a definite foreshadowing of his amazing career that came to be.

These celebrities' commercials are way cooler than mine. I look to these actors as inspiration, showing me that if Naomi Watts got her start in a tampon commercial discussing the monthly gift, perhaps one day my dreams of acting can come true.


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