ByRichard Grayson, writer at

The Avengers was an average movie at best.. Let me start with the beginning of the move..

(Spoiler Warning!!)


Did you like this movie?

So the movie starts with Loki stealing the tesseract, an old, alien, powerful cube.. (Kinda reminds me of the Allspark from Transformers) Also Loki takes control of a hero most people had never heard of before this movie, Hawkeye! (If Marvel wanted to compete with Green Arrow they probably shouldn't have made Hawkeye the best villain for half of the movie) So when S.H.I.E.L.D was chasing Loki and Hawkeye there were about three hundred explosions.. (Micheal Bay anyone?) And eventually Loki got away. It makes sense. This scene made the most sense in the entire movie..

The movie substitutes explosions for smart action, and the best dialogue in the movie was between the heroes I dislike the most. (Iron man and Captain America.. Don't ask why..) I admit there were some redeeming parts of the movie, but I don't know. The best part was the battle of NY, oh by the way. Why does almost every Marvel hero live in New York?? I give it a 5.7!


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