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Good afternoon fair people, I am writing to you today in an effort to update those of you who feel you may have been left in the dark on what is happening with Made Legit Media's new Spider-Man fan made web-series.

About a month ago Moviepilot was gracious enough to share Made Legit Media's amazing Spider-Man fan film on their Facebook page (no pun intended). The video now has upwards of almost 60,000 hits as of today April 9th, 2015. With that being said many people are wondering "what's next". "Will there be more?" "What's going on with Miles?" While I can't give away major plot details I will try my hardest to explain as much as I possibly can in this article.

(If for some reason you are reading this article without prior knowledge to what I have been and will be referencing then by all means watch this Pilot episode here!)

Now that we've all experienced the awesomeness of what devoted fans can do for a beloved character, I will further this article by dabbling in some minor spoilers as well as some necessary steps Made Legit Media is taking in moving forward in this process.

Step One: Budget

The budget for this Pilot episode of the series was a a budget of zero dollars. That's right folks, it didn't cost a dime to make this short film. The only funding that was needed was gas getting to the filming locations and a nice warm meal after filming was concluded for the day.

However, with that being said, moving forward if people truly desire to see what will without a doubt be a spectacular web-series, additional funding will be necessary. People want a real suit. So do we. People want better effects. So do we. People want outstanding villains. So do we. People want an expanded universe. So do we. You get the picture... So how will Made Legit Media receive this funding? I'm Glad you asked... Through the fans!!! No soul on this earth cares more about things of this nature than the fans that power it. This project is non-profit, but requires money to expand and keep it moving forward so if you would like to help out Made Legit Media, a Kickstarter campaign will be up and running shortly and I will post a link to this article when it is available. If the goal for the Kickstarter is not met, then the team will continue this endeavor to the best of its ability one episode at a time.

(We appreciate your donations in advance :))
(We appreciate your donations in advance :))

Step Two: Plot

With all of that being said, what good would a fan series be without the input of...well, the fans?? Made Legit Media is seeking to appeal to true Marvel and Spidey fans. The team is not interested in creating something that looks good on paper, but will ultimately be poorly executed. No; Made Legit Media wants to hear from YOU! We want the fans to give their input on what should happen as well as what characters should be included, what characters should not be included, out-of-the-box ideas, and all of the other stuff that your creative minds can come up with! PLEASE leave behind comments, critiques, ANYTHING that we can use to make this the very best that it could possibly be.


Step Three: Filming

Provided that Made Legit Media reaches its goal through the Kickstarter, the next step in this process will be filming and editing. Most of this will occur over the course of the Summer months this year, 2015. The plot is finished. Episodes 1-4 out of 6 have been scripted and casting is coming along smoothly. Currently we have casted the roles of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady, Otto Octavious, and Miles Morales; along with their respective aliases, should they have one (Yes you read that right).

(Spidey is ready for his close up)
(Spidey is ready for his close up)

With all of that being said I hope that you feel adequately up to date with where this series stands currently. Have a wonderful day and feel free to comment below if you have any further questions!


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